Friday, 30 June 2017

Hemis Festival

Hemis Gompa, the biggest and wealthiest Buddhist religious community in Ladakh plays host to the prevalent yearly celebration day called Hemis Festival. The day has been proclaimed as the state occasion. 
This 2-day celebration is praised on the tenth day of the Tibetan lunar month and recognized as the introduction of Padmasambhava, the organizer of Tibetan Buddhism. Amid the celebration, local people get spruced up in customary garments, where men wear cummerbunds and ladies wear lively headgears and heaps of adornments. The Lamas perform hallowed covered move, known as Chaam while they are joined by melodic drums, long horns and cymbals. This is a to a great degree surely understood celebration. The most secretive type of festivity are the spiritualist cover moves. The Mask Dances of Ladakh are alluded all in all as chams Performance. Chams execution is a major a piece of Tantric convention. Chams are performed just in the religious communities that training Vajrayana lessons of Tantric Buddhism.

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