Monday, 9 October 2017

Haflong Hill Station Assam

Haflong is a town and central command of Dima Hasao in India in the territory of Assam. It is the main slope station in Assam. Haflong is a dimasa word meaning Ant slope. The peaceful slopes, great scenes, wide valleys and surrouding mountains all make up this stupendous slope station and the solitary one in Assam. 

Haflong is a goal that is cherished by the campers, climbers and nature lovers. Haflong is a domain of nature showed in its actual soul. It has greenery all around, with blends of blooms and natural products.The town looks stunning with its purplish blue slopes, extraordinary orchids such and brilliant green waterways. 

The slope station gives enormous degree to undertakings, for example, coasting, paragliding and trekking. The delightfully wonderful climate of the place makes it a practically year around goal. The perfect time to visit Haflong is from winter, which is additionally the winter season for the place.

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