Monday, 24 July 2017

Una ‘Gateway to Himalayas’

Known to be the door to Himachal Pradesh, Una lies at a normal rise of 369 meters above ocean level and is the most reduced lying city in the state. Being near the province of Punjab, Una is known to be venerated for its unmistakable Sikh affected culture which recognizes it from whatever is left of the urban communities in Himachal Pradesh. With its different verifiable spots and sanctuaries, Una is another popular visitor city in Himachal Pradesh.

At a rise of 1210 feet, the most blazing area in the state, Una, is alluded to as the Gateway to Himalayas. The land appears a special case in Himachal Pradesh, where the greater part of the urban areas are in the sloping district. On the off chance that you plan to visit the place in summer, you need cotton garments to make your stay agreeable.

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