Thursday, 24 November 2016


Arranged around 10 kilometers from Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland, the Naga Heritage Village offers the scene of Nagaland’s tribal legacy and culture. The legacy town means to ensure and safeguard all ethnic social legacies by offering a typical stage. The town additionally goes about as a social showcase, which maintains and supports the assorted, traditions and conventions of all the ethnic tribes of Nagaland. One can see the bunch of 16 customary places of every tribe worked in regular structural styles. These customary houses are known as morung or youth quarters.

Sorted out by the State Tourism and Art and Culture divisions of Nagaland, Hornbill Festival is held every year in the principal week of December. The celebration is a festival of the one of a kind social custom of Naga tribes. The celebration is likewise a stage for showcasing the social and imaginative articulations of the tribal groups in the northeastern locale of India.

This Naga Heritage Village is an outside historical center, which speaks to customary Naga houses and morungs with full-scale log barrels. The greatest celebration named the Hornbill celebration in Nagaland is praised at the town with numerous Naga tribes coming and meeting here for a weeklong social, games, music and move bash. In the meantime, Kohima arranges a stone celebration at Kisama, which is 10km from the heart of the city.

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