Thursday, 10 November 2016

108 Shiva Temple Ambika Kalna (West Bengal)

With its splendorous earthenware sanctuaries, Ambika Kalna is appropriately called as the “Sanctuary Town”. Committed to the goddess of force, Maa Kali, these sanctuaries are implicit run of the mill aatchala style.

The most appealing sanctuary in Kalna is the 108 Shiva Temple Complex. It was worked by Maharaja Teja Chandra Bahadhur in 1809 to praise the exchange and responsibility for regal home of Bishnupur. An engineering wonder, the sanctuary structure is a mix of two concentric circles, each of which has little sanctuaries devoted to Lord Shiva. These speak to globules in a rosary and its dividers delineate scenes of Ramayana and Mahabharata and notwithstanding chasing scenes.

Situated on the banks of Bhagirathi waterway in Bardhaman locale, the town otherwise called Kalna is named after Goddess Kali. The main reference to Ambika Kalna is found in a sixth century content when it was an essential place for sea exchange. In any case, the town genuinely achieved transcendence under the Maharajas of Bardhaman in the eighteenth century. Amid this period, the Bardhaman rulers manufactured a few sanctuaries with itemized earthenware ornamentation.

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